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Live for the game

For female athletes

Girl's volleyball, soccer, and hockey
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This community is meant for girls who love volleyball, soccer or hockey. Please feel free to join, and post. However, please note a few rules;

1) please be respectful of other members. I will keep watch, and if I see someone abusing another member, you will be ejected from the community.

2) please keep the profanity low. It's okay to vent your frusterations and letting a few slip, but please please don't make it a habit.

3) anyone can join, whether you are new to any sport, or you are a veteran. And when I say anyone, I mean anyone. This community is for girls who love the game, but both genders can join. There's no sexism here =P

4)Keep things on topic. Like, news about volleyball or any sports, or just things about the game. This community is to discuss the sports, it's for talking about sports. Don't go talking about something completely different.

5) lastly, if you have pictures or long entries, please keep things under the cut. Its annoying having to have something take an hour to load on the computer =P

Oh one last thing. Have fun! That's the real, true reason for any game or sport, and that's the reason here. Enjoy!

PS. The "interests " section of this page is constantly being updated. If you have any interests that concern volleyball, soccer, hockey or any other sport, please let me know, and I will add it.